About Us

About Us is truly about you, our valued customers. We are a reflection of you. During the past few years our business has evolved into a business that has been able to exceed our customers expectation and to provide the highest quality collection.  Our passion for clothing apparel transcended into providing the most innovative clothing designers. Fashion trends are constantly changing, but our zeal to provide the best fashion attire for you has not.  We started our business by providing one-on-one styling consultations to friends and family members for various occasions.  While styling our customers, we noticed that a few of them had children and they would inquire about children's clothing. The same complaint that each parent stated is, "I'm looking for unique pieces for my daughter that won't break the bank!" As more customers inquired, one person told us to expand and to provide a collection for kids.  We used the parents' suggestions about children's clothes and hand selected pieces to create a collection that will give you a boutique that's affordable. In addition, we wanted to enhance our collections by including Braelyn's Jewelry.  Our featured collection is timeless and classic. Most of all, they are handmade and uniquely crafted pieces.

Forbes Fashions, Forbes Fashions for Kids, and Braelyn's Jewelry Collection has grown because the word spread about our collection by our customers posting their experience with us, on our Facebook page. Without you, our customers, their would not be a story of US. As we continue to grow, it's our endeavor to continue to enhance the fashion style to you. 

Forbes Fashions